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  • Malware Protection

  • Malware is an abbreviation of the term “malicious software.” Malware is developed to circumvent security and gain access or damage a computer system. There are numerous types of malware being developed on a daily basis including spyware, keyloggers, true viruses, and worms.

    Unfortunately malware creation is on the rise and is usually created for profit through forced advertising (adware), through stealing sensitive information (spyware), spreading unwanted emails (spam) or to extort money (ransomware).

    The best protection from malware continues to be to remain vigilant and be extremely careful about what email attachments you open, to be cautious when surfing the web and to stay away from suspicious websites, and to ensure that you have installed (and regularly maintain) a quality antivirus solution.

    Cyberry can offer industry leading malware protection services for your business. Please contact us for more details.